The Second Meeting updates (31,03/2017)

Partnership with the UAL Curation Society and SU Arts for the promotion and future lecture series

What has Boram’s done

  1. Korean institutions’ possible promotion(the Embassy of the Rebublic of Korea in UK and Korean Cultural Centre UK) and further funding opportunities 
  2. Joseonjok Community reach out by putting leaflets in New Malden and personal connection
  3. Korean Restaurant artwork installation: confirmed with some restaurants for installation  See example: (they put African artwork as a partnership)
  4. Final Exhibition dates setting from August 3th to 4th (2days) Reservation
  5. Ira’s personal archive and history, regarding to Korean diaspora 

Further Things to do:  Actual Meeting or indirect research about Joseonjok community (food recipe, working exchange etc.) 

The interview with Irina Ogay who is the Goryuin (The name which ethnic Koreans in the post-Soviet states use to refer to themselves)