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This is a post to show the process, tests and the context of the artwork of Kim Jinseon.

Exhibition Proposal, Jinseon Kim

*Title: Joseonjok’s planet (Inspired by the Little Prince exploring different planets and using this to
compare their life in England as one ‘planet’)
*Subtitle: Unable to belong somewhere but is existent anywhere
*Form of work: Video
*Genre: An omniverse set up with a few short episodes
*How it is exhibited: A beam projector showing the video on a white all (Using two beam projectors
to project two different videos face to face) see attached video file
*Equipment: Leica Q

The people of Joseon around the world unable to land in the same place all move to a different
region risking themselves by investing their own time and money for a better life. This video will be
produced with the focus on the people of Joseon who are living in New Malden, England. South
Koreans, North Korean and the people of Joseon live in New Malden. The people of Joseon live
closely with the Korean society to the point where it is difficult for Korean restaurants to function
without the presence of the Joseon people in New Malden. The majority of them are currently living
with an illegal status in England and due to this, they are being persecuted and become confused
about their identity. When the word ‘Joseon people’ is brought up, there is a solid superlative that
comes up together. However, they overcome these superlatives and live their own lives and these
people, not only in England have their own planet containing their very own networks. They are
unable to fit in anywhere as their live in a foreign country but on the contrary, they are beings that
exist anywhere.
The main goal of my video is to express in a dreamy way the people of Joseon speaking naturally
in Korean that they are Chinese, their confusing identity and showcasing their livestyle in New
Malden as they create their own planet.
*Synopsis: (The contents and scenes could change later on)
#1. New Malden
Panorama of New Malden or the narrow paths, shadows of people
#2. Their voice
Only the voices of the people of Joseon speaking in Korean are heard
#3. The goal of life
Only filming the eyes of the people of Joseon
#4. Existence like air
Carefully filming in consideration of the people who don’t want to expose their face and identity
ex) Using a mirror to film the refection of their lifestyle and work / Action pans made by editing the
filmed materials / Videos giving a vibe of secret filming
#5. Joseonjok’s planet
Narrarion: I am not Chinese nor Korean. I am an existence that exists anywhere.