The Third Meeting (23,04/2017)

The third meeting was the most productive to check all the artists’ work proposals and share further artistic activities with Josenjok community.

  1. Acutal starting activity for learning Joseonjok’s food recipe (May and June)
  2. Maintaing Academic Reading Group series in New Malden (May and June)
  3. Confirmed the final exhibition dates: 3th for the opening and 4th and 5th 2017
  4. Radio Broadcasting to advertisement in Korean to New Malden residence (27th 04/2017 at 8pm)
  5. Scheduling in detail for the publication deadline (Exhibition Poster deadline- 30th 06/2017) Catalogue deadline- 8th 07/2017)
  6. Further Things to do: confirmation with Korean restaurants to exhibit artworks/ Adverstisement in Reading Group and selecting academic paper about Joseonjok community/ Meeting and learning Joseonjok’s food recipe.

Third meeting photo

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