Research Concept for the Exhibition

Beyond the Borders aims to interact with an undocumented minority group- based or -oriented project in Metropolitan city London. The 21st Century’s borderless nations have shifted conception and lives of the world population that has resulted in ambiguous identities and origination. To understand something of this ambiguity, artistic collaborations in neighbourhoods can reveal invisible phenomena. One of them, Joseonjok who is ethnographically not only in between Chinese and Korean, but South and North Koreans migrate in the all over the world will be led to beyond most assumptions and preconceptions people brought to it.

The most important aim of this exhibition is its reversal of power relations. Reconsidering Joseonjok as a homogeneous group or independent community as Chinese and Koreans will be worthwhile. In line with counter power, artists make art for everyday life that would reach a wide audience in awareness of Joseonjok community. Let us try to visiting Korean restaurants in which one of artworks is exhibited and enjoying Josenjok’s traditional food in a truck in conjunction with this final exhibition.

  1. Experience as the Joseonjok’s perspective by working temporary jobs to realise their life status
  2. Tottenham Court Road in London was the former Korean town in which site-specific works can be explored
  3. Regarding Joseonjok as a homogeneous race or independent community which is different with Chinese and Koreans in London
  4. Learning Joseonjok recipe and distribute their food to the public
  5. Using Korean Restaurants’ a bathroom, wall, table etc. to exhibit each work


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