Exhibition Proposal, SuJeong Paik

 Since I and we don’t know exact size of our exhibition space, and how we will going to show it whether altogether or separately with individual space, I couldn’t really concrete my idea yet. However, there are some ideas.

 In Korea, we also have some specific places that ethnic groups/communities live in. As to Joseonjok people, they usually build their communities in area such as Daerim-dong and Guro-dong in Seoul, and China-town in Incheon. So-called ‘Joseonjok’ people in South Korea are ethnic Koreans living in China, and Korean immigrants who moved to and settled in China, Russia, and their adjoining areas in the early 20th century. Even though we departed from same ancestors a century ago, there is a glass wall in between for several reasons (historical background, cultural differences, a prejudice from several cases). Still invisible border exists. In this project, I am thinking to meet them personally on the places where they live in. And paint their portraits on the transparent material. I am planning to make them as many as possible and install them in layers from the ceiling on the eye-level. Documentations might be exhibited together as well. And planning to make some installation pieces/sculptures with immigration bags. (3 to 4) either paint the surface or cover it with fabrics/textiles. I will upload it with more details later on.

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