Collaborative Proposal: Taste of Joseonjok

I suggest to trace Joseonjok’s hidden marks (especially their food) in New Malden. As some might know, realistically, it would be hard to meet and interview Joseonjok people in short time. Yet, it doesn’t mean we can’t investigate them. Through third people, including South Koreans, Chinese, even British and Joseonjok (if there is chance) who live in New Malden, we could get indirect yet more objective facts about Joseonjok people living in UK. Gathering information through interviews and written researches, each of artists could make creative work or make a collaborative project together.


‘Tracing Joseonjok’s food in UK’

Through interviews with Joseonjok interviewees, I realised that when Joseonjok people first came to UK, they had to spend many hours to ‘cook like South Koreans’, to have a job at Korean restaurants. Treated as if Joseonjok foods are cooked in a ‘wrong’ way, and regarded as ‘unsavory’ from their South Korean employers.

Using ‘local (near New Malden London) ingredients’, I would like to make a Joseonjok food that tastes most likely as home-food. They vividly do have food that is not Korean, but not Chinese. However, mostly working for Koreans in the UK, they don’t get a chance to cook their own food but in Korean style. However, once again, it is not about which is better or not, but the preference of tastes due to majority of people. The whole process such as the process of finding similar ingredients in UK (we might have to gather herbs from the parks), the actual cooking activity, reflection on Joseonjok for similarity, etc., could all become an artwork as whole, achieving and documenting through artists’ own way.



May Interview: Gather information from Joseonjok 

ex) What was/is their daily food in China?

What would be the major difference between Chinese/ Korean/ Joseonjok food?

Any suggestions for us to make using local ingredients?


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June Cooking and reflection

With gathered information, I suggest to select one or two dishes. (from my research so far, Mandu ‘dimpling’  can be a good option)

Experiment actual cookings.

Receive feedbacks from Joseonjok.

July Selling our foods at Korean Restaurants in New Malden

August Opening Reception 

As a ‘performance’, we could serve the foods we made at the opening reception.


Through the process, each of artists could also make their individual works, such as, drawings, video works, sound works, paintings, photographies etc.


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